Put Bluntly..

  • A husband to a wife, a father to two daughters and a master to a cat.
  • A doctoral student at Tampere Uni. of Technology focusing on Machine and Deep Learning.
  • Senior specialist at Mtech Digital Solutions Oy.
  • A professing Christian.

Check my GitHub for my public projects, which include machine learning book summaries in Finnish and research projects. For in-depth career information, see my LinkedIn profile.

A Selection of Interests

In addition to fiddling and playing with computers, I have three main areas of interest. These are music, books and fishing. However, none of these surpass my dedication for my family that I work hard to keep ahead in the list of priorities. And all of these are meaningful only after my faith in God first, but more on that on my testimony.


  • On-off tenor saxophone player with classical background from playing oboe starting from childhood.
  • Impulsive music producer with a low frequency of creative impulses (check my Soundcloud).


  • Mainly non-fiction, such as Theology and subjects tangentially related to that and professional literature.
  • I’ve consumed sci-fi and fantasy quite a lot in the past.
  • Still struggling with a Dostojevski.


  • Actively fished for almost a decade now.
  • Currently focusing on fly fishing.

Personal Testimony

In concise terms, my life was thoroughly changed during and after the beginning months of the year 2011. During that time, I was keenly asking questions about truth, love and meaning and, quite naturally, also searching after sufficiently definite answers. In the end I found myself stripped out of my self-sufficiency and having to confront the truth having no ultimate control over deeper things in my life.

At that time I had only option in my mind. I said:

“Jesus, if You really exist, please help me now”.

And help I did receive.

After that I was left with the options of either disregarding what had happened as a mere coincidence or investigating the subject further. I decided to find out for myself if Jesus really was real.

I first started my journey by studying whether the Bible was trustworthy by learning about a multitude of creationist arguments. I quickly found out that statements about origins, history and the reliability of the Bible were in fact not definitely dealt with by materialism or scientism. Rather, what became apparent was that more than the observations, the initial beliefs seem to affect final conclusions about the world and our position in relation to it. This realization has drifted my interest more towards theology and somewhat towards philosophy, as the discussion is in the end mainly about what we believe we are part of and the logical consequences following thereafter.

If, however, I would credit the change to hard thinking only, I would blatantly lie. No, it all started from my heart. Having received mercy and forgiveness, God has opened me to forgive and give mercy. A proof of sorts is the picture on this page, which has my biological father with his elder sister on it. And that’s a huge thing for me to put there. While I’m still deep into the process, it is only through what God did through Jesus for me and you that I’ve been changed from what I was to what I am. And those close to my can attest that those two are quite the polar opposites.

During these several years that have passed after that initial decision I have gotten to know a lot of others who have also experienced a transformation similar to mine. While the backgrounds vary a lot, a unitive feature is the will to essentially give up the control of ones life away to God. This includes the ability to boast, as the ensued changes are not self-inflicted. This is true for me as well.

To God only be the glory 
and Jesus, His son.